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Cancer is one of the more dreaded diseases that cause havoc in the lives of those who get struck by it. Not only does it cause physical pain; it affects both the emotional and psychological set ups of not only those who get sick, but also those who are exposed to the victims. Cancer can be inherited and everyone is at risk. When one’s genes are damaged, "mutations" can take place in the damage-controlling genes wherein cells can grow out of control and lead to cancer.


GCRF has established a cancer research fund for the susceptibility proteins known as BRCA1 and BRCA2, aware that inherited cancer can become full-blown at a later date in life, taking place over the course of a lifetime. Because these can be inherited, there is the established fact that those who have damaged genes passed down from their parents puts them at a higher risk for cancer than most people. This is now what is known as hereditary cancer. Two of these are breast and ovarian cancer.


The Genetic Cancer Research Fund is foundation dedicated to the memory of Allison Feinberg, who at 45, suffered from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed with BRCA1 gene mutation, battled the disease for 4 years, and then later on succumbed to its deadly nature. Before she passed away, she wished for a way to help increase awareness as well as raise money for research on BRCA1 and BRCA2 and genetically related cancers. The money that is put up will be awarded to those who are dedicated in making further research into the diseases; and therefore, help in realizing the mission and vision of the foundation.


We aim to provide you with the necessary information you need to know regarding breast and ovarian cancers with the help of in-depth research into the diseases as funded by the organization. This is the kind of support we want to provide both those afflicted with genetic cancer as well as those who want to be armed with information on them. Feel free to check out our site and learn more about our programs and other pertinent information you wish to know.